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Playing Ragtime

Audio production is a very fulfilling area to work in. Here I can incorporate my musical background along with my interest in sound synthesis. It also provides a convenient palette from which I can launch radio psa campaigns, craft radio productions, or even tweak archival audio projects.
As well, my musical tastes cover a wide-range of areas, and I hope to eventually have the opportunities to explore more creative elements in the areas of swing, jazz, blues, and even with underscore music. (To me, film soundtracks provide one of the most inspiring forms of musical entertainment.)

Recycled Rags Album Nominated for IMA Award

Recycled Rags Album nominated for IMA Award in Tribute Album Category

Almost a year after the launch party, I was notified that my album, Recycled Rags, was nominated for an Independent Music Award in the Tribute Album Category. Chosen from among thousands of other world-wide submissions, the album will be competing as a finalist with 4 other artists in this category. The nominations now go to the panel of judges who will be announcing the winners at the Lincoln Center in NYC on November 12th at the 15th Independent Music Award Ceremony. Wish me luck.

Recycled Rags - Vinyl Launch Party

Vinyl Launch Party we held on Friday, Nov. 20th

The Vinyl Launch Party for my most recent project, Recycled Rags, was held on Friday, November 20th on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. Student support was awesome. We distributed over 35 copies of the album and raised 65 cans of food for the local food shelf. (...and we ate a lot of cake, too). Besides signing vinyl, we explored the history of ragtime, the development of vinyl, and highlighted the original composers involved in this project--listening to music crafted over 100 years ago. Recycled Rags vinyl album is available at

Recycled Rags - CD & Vinyl

Recycled Rags is available at

With a CD release in July 2015, and a Vinyl launch in November 2015, my most recent project, Recycled Rags, explores a music genre that had gained the public's popularity over 100 years ago. Ragtime was one of the first truly American musical forms, and it gave rise to jazz, blues, and swing music. This project began as a case study for my CMM464 Digital Audio Recording Applications class. I wanted to document the progression of a musical idea--from development to delivery. As a "recycled" venue, I provide the listener with both traditional (cliched) piano performances--as well as updated electronic realizations. I also crafted my musical interpretations as both a vinyl product (a medium available to audio enthusiasts in 1915), in CD form (a delivery media barely hanging in there), and as a purely binary digital product (EP form). Does vinyl provide more warmth? I think the listener should decide. Recycled Rags CD/EP is available at

Sample Track - Magnetic Rag by Scott Joplin (piano performance)

Sample Track - Billiken Rag by E.J. Stark (electronic realization)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus is Coming to Town is available at

In 2013 I produced a calypso version of the Christmas Classic, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." This is a short, cover tune with steel drum instrumentation. It's not Beach Boys, but it sure could fit on the beaches of Jamacia, Mon.

Sample - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
by Tut Uncommun

Campfire Tales of the Adirondack North Country

Campfire Tales of the Adirondack North Country is available at

When people gather around a campfire, the talk often turns to the strange and unusual--to tales of myths and legends designed to give goose bumps to the unwary listener. Back in 2003 I captured just these types of ghost stories from some famous (and infamous) people in northern New York. So, as the saying goes, "...turn off the lights, light a candle, listen closely, and beware..."

Sample Track - Hawkins Hauntings by Doug Skopp, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Plattsburgh State

Sample Track - Public Executions by Penelope Clute, former Clinton County D.A.

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